Reuben Guma serves as Lead Pastor

of Shiloh Tabernacle. He is passionate about seeing people totally transformed by the knowledge and saving power of Jesus Christ so they can arise to serve Him and also pursue their own dreams.

He is simply known here at Shiloh as'Papa'- a humble father to many because he loves God's people and through his sermons, proclaims that they

are able to attain anything through God - he gives them the tools to help them develop authentic relationships with God.

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Joyous Guma serves as Co - Pastor at Shiloh Tabernacle. She is married to Reuben Guma and together they have 5 children - Sarah, Joshua, Mercy, Desire and Elisha.

Joyous is a woman of many hats - a spiritual mother to many, she is passionate about the lost finding Jesus. Joyous will boldly share the loving and saving power of Jesus with anybody that crosses her path.

As an ardent intercessor, she has dedicated her life to stand in the gap for the sick, oppressed and depressed so they can be healed and delivered - this zeal stems from her personal healing from cancer many years ago. In her teachings, she invites people to live sanctified and sacrificial lives - always available to serve God and His people with every fibre within them.

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Mercy serves as the Worship Director at Shiloh Tabernacle.

She is a very talented and anointed singer who loves worship more than songs. Mercy has a heart for God and desires  to support God's people through worship to touch Him in authentic adoration, praise, and thanksgiving.

She also has a passion for the young people - she teaches them to know that their greatest call is to worship God in truth and in spirit.


Ronnie and Bridget serve as Youth Pastors at Shiloh Tabernacle.

They are both deeply spiritual people with an intense love for God and His Word. They have a passion for the young people and their enduring yearning is to help young people find their identity in Christ and live Christlike lives at home, in school and in the community.

Bridget also heads our Children's church where she instills proper values into our kids with insightful creativity and skill.

Ronnie and Bridget are blessed with 3 wonderful children - Hossana, and .

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