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International Missions

Our international outreach as a Christian charitable community development organisation is committed to advancing the Kingdom of God and rebuilding the living standards of the unprivileged communities in rural Africa.

Our main thrust is not only spiritually inclined but also geared toward tackling a wider scope of community developmental needs that include education, health, the environment, decent housing, Agro-based development projects, Digital Empowerment, and social enterprise projects.

Our goal is to see a people holistically  changed – soul, spirit, and body by the loving and saving power of God, empowered and equipped to live more a fulfilled life.

Our charitable operations are  in South Western Uganda in Rukungiri district, with the aim to extend them to the neighbouring districts of Kanungu and Kabale.

Our  activities and planned projects include the following:

  • Providing or offering medical services comprising: immunisation, eyesight testing and correcting, and dental services, testing for illnesses like malaria, typhoid, HIV/AIDS, child and maternity care, counselling among others.

  • Distributing Christian literature to people in rural Africa including tapes, CDs, and; to sponsor vital Christian media programs that will benefit and impact the society.

  • Reaching out, evangelising, and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through crusades, church seminars, missionary work, outreaches, and other similar possible methods of extending the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Planting, organising and developing to maturity local churches in various parts of rural Africa and to give birth to and facilitate the establishment of other gospel-related teams.

  • Assisting or providing support and encouraging widows and orphans (due to the HIV pandemic) in issues concerning food, clothing, shelter, education, health care and self-help projects for their personal and family benefit.

  • Establishing community centres, primary schools, secondary schools and vocational training institutions that will cater for the children, orphans, youth, school dropouts, and widows among many others, to equip them with skills such as tailoring, carpentry, bricklaying, metal work, motor mechanics, cookery, computer skills and knowledge to mention but a few.

  • Networking with local government and other agencies in providing safe, protected, fenced clean drinking water for local communities.

Follow the  links  below to view  some of the other initiatives in which  we are engaged together with other partners and stakeholders:



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