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Better than one

The days in which we live are very challenging. The whole planet is gripped with fear of a very devastating invisible enemy - COVID-19 - which has indeed claimed the lives of many of our loved ones and friends and continues to do so.

Our way of life has been disrupted and drastically changed over a period of a few months.

The new normal is now social distancing - where people now have to be two metres away from each other, if and when they venture to step outside their houses. We are being advised to remain indoors and this is bringing a strain on relationships because we are essentially relational beings and not made to walk this journey of life alone.

However, should this social distancing continue, we need to devise other means of doing life together - we cannot allow this virus to disrupt our relations - to isolate us so the enemy can pounce on us with depression and all the other ills that come with it. The Bible says that two are better than one - we can still walk together on the phone, WhatApp, Facetime and other modes of communication - let's up our communication, let's be there for one another, let's check on each other so often - this way we will not feel as isolated as this virus would want us to be.

Let's be each other's keeper - for we are in this together.

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