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Where are you?

In the beginning God created man to have fellowship with him, to dwell in His presence in the boundaries of a place He called Eden. What a wonderful time this was - where God would just stroll into this garden and engage Adam in the simplest of conversations.

However, the enemy of progress - the devil soon steps in and entices man out of this fellowship and the result that man loses his place in the presence of God.

Thank God that He is a God of love. We see him chasing after man so he can win him back. What crowned this quest was when He had to dispatch Himself in the person of Jesus - who came to reconcile us to God. The fact however is that may of us are still on the run - and the question is - in this equation, where are you.

Could it be that you are still on the run? Child of God, like he prodigal son, you need to return home to your Father - He is waiting for you.

Listen to this message and I know that it will challenge you to set your priorities right.

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