This has to stop!

People wearing face masks stand in line for coronavirus tests at a community health clinic in Beijing, China, on Sunday (AP)

We were created to be social beings, people living together - doing life and work together in close proximity to one another. However, all this seems to be getting out of our lives and we now have a crazy new normal - all because of COVID19

We cannot accept this as children of God - we need to step up our prayers until this virus that continued to dictate they way we live is stumped out of our communities. We were created to dominate and base on that premise - we must dominate this virus.

We know that the lockdown in many parts of the world is slowly being eased and that is a good thing. The only problem we have is the resurgence of infections in many parts of our world. In the UK, we hear that there is a spike of infections in Leicester and plans are under way to lock down the city and its surrounding areas. In China a county near Beijing called Anxin county, has been locked down, in the US we see some states stepping up lockdowns and this lives one wondering as to when this will stop.

These areas may seem far away from you - at least that is what we thought when the first outbreak of COVID19 was reported in China. All of us thought it was far away and would never get to our city, town or village - how wrong we all were! The reason this continues to be worrying is because people continue to travel from country to country and as we have been seeing recently - many gatherings that involved thousands of people have been happening all over the world - people are tired of the state of affairs - we all are. I don't know about you - but I keep asking myself, when this will stop.

Now, some shops, restaurants and many other places have opened. Soon our places of worship will be opened - but the question remains - how are we going to manage this virus as we open our doors? There are no clear guidelines from the government and scientists about how most of these sectors are to conduct themselves in the coming weeks. This is social distancing has already wreaked havoc in many lives and the effects continue to pour in. This must stop.

So, I call upon all of us not to sit back and relax - thinking this virus has gone away - rather we need to arise and engage an even higher gear in our prayers so that the good Lord may have mercy on us and completely stump this deadly virus out of our lives.

Let's keep on praying friends - we have the power in our Lord Jesus to say to this mountain be moved - lets continue exercising it; we have done a great deal in pray ever since this pandemic began, let's not falter or grow weary now - we are not there yet.

God bless you as you soldier on.