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Stand with me

Have you ever been in a situation and felt like God is not with you. It felt like you're sinking, or drowning, or just in the darkest place in your life and you felt soooo alone....?

Yeah, that's exactly how many of us feel, even myself, more times than I can count. I just want to encourage you that you are not alone. God is standing with you, not only just beside you but His Holy Spirit lives inside of you. Which means you're actually never alone.

I completely understand that this all sounds great but at that very moment, you genuinely feel alone. The simplest thing I can tell you to do at that moment is to remind yourself that God is with you. You speak to yourself and encourage yourself. They say speaking to yourself is the first sign of madness but I would strongly disagree!

Speaking to yourself is a huge sign of strength! The ability to speak to your mind, body and encourage yourself using the Word is a great sign of strength. You do not depend on the pastor, or the prophet to speak into your life. You have fully understood the power that is within you. the same power that rose Christ from the grave is seated within you and you speaking into your situation and encouraging yourself is you exercising that power.

BE encouraged, stand strong, and remember he will never leave you.


The next time you feel alone, your friends have walked away, and you can't feel God, call upon him and ask him to stand with you and guide you. Speak to yourself and encourage your self. Remind yourself that you are not alone. He promised he will never leave you and God is not in the business of breaking promises.

Read Isaiah 43:1-3- meditate upon this portion of scripture, read it every day until you believe that God is always with you.

Listen to 'Stand With Me'- Niiella

God Bles You

Mercy Guma

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