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Let's Cherish our Families

The Power of Family

This pandemic has affected all of us in a way or another. Sadly many have not survived it and the death toll is still on the rise across the world. We must continue to pray and believe God for his compassion over us His children - that he may stop it in its tracks and heal those infected by this invisible enemy - COVID 19. Responses to this pandemic have been vast - ranging from self-isolation to lockdowns of entire cities like ours here in London. There is a lot of fear in the air but we must keep the faith because the one who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. The worst thing that this virus has brought upon us is 'social distancing'. We are created to be social and now that we are being told to stay at least 2 metres apart from each other - as and when we go outside our homes is a very bad development. When you see people in supermarkets stopping other people from getting close to them, one is left but wondering what has come upon us. We now fear one another - is this not crazy? Most of us are now prisoners in our own homes, stuck with kids who want to go and play as per usual but cannot understand what is going on. The only plus in this whole situation is the fact that it has brought families together and I am sure that family members in each household are beginning to know each other very well and at least they have someone else with who to share this journey. That is why we need to appreciate and cherish each other as family. Let's use it to create bonds that can never be broken. If there has been any strife amongst us, now is the time to repair our relationships so we can fight this battle on a united front. Use this time to pray together, study the Word of God together, worship together, watch movies together, eat together and much more. This will repair the torn fabric of our families which was caused by the hustle and bustle of life - let's use this time to reflect and purpose to rekindle our affection for one another like family. The church is a family of families - but there are those among us that live on their own as singles or married but with their families abroad. The only family they know is family and now this has been disrupted because of social distancing. For them, it's like they have been ripped apart from their loved ones - their fellow church members. They are lonely and do not have anyone to talk to in person, except on the phone. That is not the same as having someone to talk to in person - it's never the same. The only voice they hear apart from other people on the phone is their TV. All the TV is spewing out is fear - and this has left many on the edge - bordering to insanity. Some of them are frail and will need us to check on them. Others have lost loved ones and cannot get to them - we too cannot go them physically - and they are now so messed up. Friends, it's very possible for us with the family to get lost in our own world and forget our church family members who are on their own. These people are still our family and they need us now more than ever before. We need to cherish them too because they also have been there for us one way or another. We may be socially distanced right now, but that does not mean we should be out of touch with one another. That is why we need to reach out to these friends of ours so they do not feel alone. Give them a call, FaceTime or Skype them quite often so they can feel your love. While you continue to cherish your immediate family, please kindly ensure that you also cherish your wider family by reaching out to others - make it a point to do so daily and God will richly reward you for that.

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