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He will Fight for You

In your battles, you don't have to fear - thinking that you are alone, You don't have to fight alone. Let God fight for you and with you. Together as a team you can never fail

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble and therefore we will not be afraid. Even though the ground on which we stand gives way - (be it  our finances, health, relationships, careers, etc) ; or the nations gather and rage against us, yet we will not fear because the Lord God of hosts is with us as our fortress and fighter - (Ps.46)

Have you ever celebrated a victory, but before the party ended, another challenge arose? Well, you are not alone and neither are you the first one to face such a situation. Joshua and the children of Israel also faced the same - while still celebrating the  the conquest of Ai, Joshua is called upon to defend Gibeon against a coalition of 5 kingdoms who had gathered their forces against them (Josh 10:1-12). And you know what? There was fear in the camp because the people thought to themselves, this coalition is too big to beat.

But the Lord told Joshua not to fear this combined force, because He had already delivered them into Joshua's hands - in other words they had lost the battle even before it started. The Lord transferred the fear with which Israel and Gibeon were gripped and inflicted it upon this combined army and in so doing helped Israel to strike them real good. And while this army fled, the Lord's airforce rained a barrage of hailstones upon them - and the Bible says that those who died because of the Lord's arial bombardment were more than those killed by the swords of the children of Israel.

I know that most of us are surrounded by a coalition of issues and the assault on our both our spiritual and physical man is too ferocious that we cannot even fathom a way out. Well, the good news is that just as the Lord God was with Joshua and the children of Israel, so is He with you. He will strike every force that is against you with fear and cause it to flee. Whilst its fleeing, He will bombard it with spiritual hailstones until you can see them no more.

Child of God, like the Lord told us at the end of year service, let us rest assured that He has already gone ahead of us as a consuming fire to destroy them and subdue them before us

( Deut 9:3 ). As He was with Joshua and the children of Israel, so will He be with you today and tomorrow until the day He calls you home.

All He is saying today is - Do not fear, just keep cool and let Him will fight for you (Ex.14:14) No weapon fashioned against you shall succeed (Isa 54:17); and remember that you are the church - and what did Jesus say about you, "... the gates of hell shall not prevail" against you (Mat.16:18)

 God bless you

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