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Have a Seat...

I will never forget the day I was sooooo confused and angry with the way my life was going and pulled up a chair and asked God to have a seat...

I laugh now because I remember how that conversation went down... it consisted mostly of me ranting at the almighty God and really giving him a piece of my mind. I then proceeded to sit in silence and let him respond. And boy did he respond! After giving him a piece of my mind and questioning him using his words, of course, he then used those same words to remind me who he is, and what he said he will do is exactly what he will do.

Sometimes in life, you need to pull up a seat for God and really just talk! That's what prayer is. Believe it or not, that moment in my life was me praying. I was having dialogue with God. I let him know how I felt, how things were not making sense and I needed him to make things make sense...

The all-knowing, all-powerful God wants to know what is on your heart, what is bothering you, he wants to have a conversation with you. He wants you to want to speak to him. Prayer is you speaking to your father. The same way we speak to our earthly fathers (those of us who still have them) the same way we speak to our Heavenly Father. He wants to commune with us, he wants us to let him into our lives and he definitely wants to let us in on what he has planned.

Don't be afraid to ask God to have a seat, welcome him in and just talk to him. The way prayer was taught to me was in a way that God is soooooo far away and I have to shout to get his attention but in reality, he is closer than the mention of his name and he really wants to have fellowship with us.

Prayer does not is continuous. It's like a conversation with a best friend. Even when you get off the phone, the conversation continues while you text. That's how it is with God, the conversation continues while you're in his Word, while you're worshipping he still wants to speak to you. We don't leave him at church on Sunday and find him there the next Sunday. We are always speaking, and communicating. He speaks, you listen, you speak He listens...


Try pulling up a chair and ask God to take a seat (LITERALLY) This will help you start a conversation with the King. Remember to leave time for him to respond to all you have said. Most of the time he will respond using his own Word.

Do not let the conversation stop, even on your way to work, school, uni, school run...take God with you.

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